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I’ve done a little searching to check how many blogs there are out there in the blogosphere, but I haven’t found any figures. How many history blogs are there? How much thought do bloggers give to their posts? What exactly is that we are doing, or supposed to be doing? Does it matter very much in any case?

Some of these questions, and presumably many others of interest, will be up for discussion at the upcoming symposium, ‘Blogging the Humanities: Arts, Culture, Heritage and the Humanities Online’.

This event, which takes place at Trinity College, Dublin, on 3 June, is surely a worthwhile addition to the academic conference season, even if it may not seem to be quite scholarly enough for some refined tastes. It is being organised by the people behind another history blog, Pue’s Occurences.

W.E.H. Lecky at T.C.D. Thinking about blogging? (Wikimedia Commons)

The purpose of the symposium is to debate blogging as a medium for discussion and dissemination of ideas in the humanities. It will consist of a number of short ten-minute presentations, followed by a round-table discussion. As a contributor to History Compass Exchanges, I have been invited to take part in a panel on ‘Reaching New Audiences’.

This gathering will be the first of its kind in Ireland. It would be interesting to discover the extent to which bloggers elsewhere in the world have met together for critical reflection on their blog experiences. In this respect, are we in Ireland ahead of or behind general trends? It would also be worthwhile to find out how other bloggers have benefited from such occasions? Do they refresh the scholar’s enthusiasm for a subject or a task in the same way that participation in a regular academic conference can?

The presence of a good-sized crowd of bloggers with a mixture of different approaches and perspectives would certainly help to make the symposium most worthwhile. Why not come to Dublin on 3 June?

I’m sure a few blogo-sceptics, as they surely exist, would also be welcome.

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2 Responses to “Blogging the Humanities: Arts, Culture, Heritage and the Humanities Online”

  1. puesoccurrences Says:

    Hi John,

    Many thanks for drawing attention to the conference, and we’re looking forward to your contribution. We haven’t found any precedent for the event in Ireland, and certainly agree that it should be a very worthwhile exercise in bringing together people from across the country to discuss some of the issues involved in a growing medium of exchange in the arts, humanities, heritage and culture industries.

    Anyone who is interested can go to for further details (including a draft programme) and to register for the event. Since the idea is to encourage discussion and debate, blogo-sceptics and dissenting voices are very definitely welcome too!

    Kevin (of Pue’s Occurrences)

  2. Laura Mitchell Says:

    Hi John,
    We’re looking forward to a full report–on the HCE blog, of course!

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