History Compass Exchanges Comics: Bra Burning


March is Women’s History Month.  Along with uncovering and rethinking images of the woman and her contribution throughout history comes the responsibility to challenge the accepted stereotypes and persistent misinformation already out there.

For example: to this date, no historian has been able to uncover any evidence of bra-burning feminists of the 1960s.

This month, I pledge to use my historian super-powers for good instead of evil. Although women did not create the documents I use to write my dissertation, I will read against the grain to find their voices between the lines.  To write a history without women is to write only half the story.

If you’re curious about what it takes to incorporate women in your historical research,  I recommend historian Tanya Roth’s blog.  Roth is completing a dissertation on the integration of women into the US military (1945-1978) and has written many thought-provoking  posts on how she makes sense of the documentation and oral interviews.

If you have a funny/poignant/thought-provoking/etc.  idea for a history cartoon, please send it to Angela.C.Sutton[at]Vanderbilt[dot]edu.  If I use your idea I will give you credit here.

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2 Responses to “History Compass Exchanges Comics: Bra Burning”

  1. Tanya Says:

    Love the cartoon, and the pledge to use your superpowers for good!

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