Conference on Latino Los Angeles


Dear colleagues and friends:
You are invited to a conference on “Latino Los Angeles,” to take place on Saturday, April 21st at The Autry National Center of the American West. Organized by the Historical Society of Southern California (HSSC), this interdisciplinary conference looks at how Latinos are shaping and restructuring three main themes in Los Angeles: community, the arts, and education. What major challenges face Latino communities today? How do artists address key issues and themes among Angelenos? How effective are educational institutions in meeting the needs and concerns of the Latino community? Scholars, filmmakers, journalists, and artists will address the contemporary Latino experience in Los Angeles and the Inland Empire, and film clips and music form part of the program. Tickets, which include continental breakfast, a boxed lunch, and refreshments, are $50 for members of the HSSC and the Autry, $65 for non-members, and $25 for students. To RSVP, email, call (323) 460 5632, or visit
Keynote Speaker: George Sánchez (USC)
Denise Blasor (Bilingual Foundation of the Arts)
The Gene Corral Trio
William Deverell (USC)
Jerry Gonzalez (University of Texas, San Antonio)
Yolanda Gonzalez (Los Angeles artist/curator)
Jeff Gottlieb (Los Angeles Times)
Josh Kun (USC)
Anthony Macías (UC Riverside)
Kenneth Marcus (University of La Verne)
Adonay Montes (University of La Verne)
Lilia D. Monzó (Chapman University)
Enrique Murillo (Cal State San Bernardino)
Gilda L. Ochoa (Pomona College)
José Luis Valenzuela (UCLA)
Antonio Gonzalez Vasquez (Inland Mexican Heritage)
Ruben Vives (Los Angeles Times)
Jon Wilkman (Wilkman Productions)
Sponsors: Historical Society of Southern California; International Studies Institute, University of La Verne; Autry National Center of the American West

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